Course Outline

The amalgamation of the latest technology, engineering, medical physics, clinical neurosurgery and clinical neuroscience has revolutionized the landscape in the domain of Neurosurgery. Rapid changes experienced in the field of Micro-neurosurgical Instrumentation and procedures, the improvement and reliability of diagnostic neuroimaging methods (MRI and CT scanning), and the availability of sophisticated anesthetic techniques have entirely transformed the clinical practices by giving ‘Patient Safety’ the highest priority.

With the advancements in imaging technologies and fiber optics, neuro-endoscopy has evolved in leaps and bounds. These ultra-modern technologies have ushered in new approaches, novel instruments, unique techniques, and a diverse armamentarium for the treatment of a variety of neurosurgical disorders. When it comes to patient safety and benefits, Endoscopic brain surgery offers many positives – minimal invasions compared to open surgical procedures thereby leading to lesser pain, faster recovery period are just a few to be listed.

CEMAST offers a 2-day comprehensive course modulated as Ventricular & Skull Base Endosurgery. This uniquely designed course assures extensive hands-on training with actual procedural experience on life-like models. Interactive Live OR sessions from Centres of Surgical Excellence under the guidance of eminent National Faculty members add to the depth of knowledge shared during this course.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the Endoscopic Ventricular and Endonasal Skull base Anatomy
  • To get familiar with the equipment and their handling and develop a better hand-eye co-ordination
  • To learn the surgery in a stepwise manner and thus avoid complications
  • To be able to treat complications if any

Who Should Attend?

  • This dual-module course is specially designed for –
    • Neurosurgery Residents as well as consultants
    • ENT Consultants who wish to learn the intricacies of skull base surgeries

Course Highlights

  • Lectures by expert faculty
  • Supervised training on life-like inanimate models
  • Plenty of opportunity for informal interaction with faculty

Course Dates for 2018 - 2019

  • 20 April - 21 April
  • 15 June - 17 June
For Neuro Surgeons: (2 days)
Practicing Surgeons21,000
Teaching Staff / Residents 15,500
International Participants (Except SAARC) USD650
For ENT Surgeons: (1 day) Skull Base Endosurgery
Practicing Surgeons10,500
Teaching Staff / Residents8,000
International Participants (Except SAARC) USD350
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