Flexible Endoscopy Training

Flexible Endoscopy Training

Dr. Amit Maydeo, Director CEFET, with his immeasurable expertise, has personally crafted all courses, for both Upper GI and Lower GI Flexible Endoscopy. Courses will include extensive hands-on on the latest Computer Simulators, in the Dry Laboratory, in the Animate Laboratory and clinical exposure

In.the late ’70s and early ’80s, Flexible Endoscopy was vigorously adopted by several surgeons who were convinced that its clinical applications would form an integral part of the surgical armamentarium. Sadly, over the decades, the surgeon’s involvement in Flexible Endoscopy has petered out except for a few committed individuals like Prof. B. Krishna Rau, Dr. G.V. Rao, Dr. Amit Maydeo, Dr. Anand Nande and a few others

There is now a resurgence, both of interest and realization, of the future of Flexible Endoscopy in surgery, which is as it should be. CEMAST is convinced and determined that surgeons of today should regain the ground lost by default by our previous generation

This is the thrust that CEMAST has in collaborating with the Indian College of Endoscopy and Dr. Amit Maydeo to launch the Center of Excellence for Flexible Endoscopy Training ( CEFET)

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