Essential Surgical Skills Course

Course Outline and Objectives

“Build your house on rock, not sand”-St. Peter. The foundations on which we build our surgical skills will be the base for all our future growth and progress in all surgical disciplines. CEMAST has hence taken a conscious decision that it will offer several courses in Essential Surgical Skills in all disciplines of open as also Minimal Access Surgery Training. This course has been designed to introduce and inculcate in surgical trainees safe surgical practice within a controlled workshop environment. It aims to ‘teach, assess, and clarify’ ability to use safe and sound surgical techniques that are common to all the disciplines in surgery to ensure a good foundation to build their surgical future.

Who should attend the course

The course is a must for Interns, Postgraduate Surgical and Gynaecology Trainees, Residents and for all Practicing Surgeons and Gynaecologist who want to brush up and revalidate their skills and techniques in Surgery.

Course highlight

The course is standardized with common objectives; content, structure and assessment methods as advocated in the recent reforms in medical education by Medical Council of India (MCI).

This course is intensively taught, with an emphasis on hands on training with individual tuition and detailed personal feedback on performance and perfection.

  • Principles of Safe Surgery and skills required
  • Open Surgery: Basics
  • Tissue Approximation (Skin, Abdominal wall, Intestine, Tendon, Vessels, Uterus)
  • Introduction to Essential Skills in MAS “Hands-on”practice throughout the course.
  • High tutor to participate ratio
  • Personal tuition with a maximum of 16 participants per course
  • Performance assessment and feedback to identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Extra time for hands-on practice

Course Dates for 2018 - 2019

  • 17 February - 17 February
  • 03 March - 03 March
  • 31 March - 31 March
  • 26 May - 26 May
  • 30 June - 30 June

Course Dates for 2018

  • 4 MARCH – 4 MARCH
  • 1 APRIL – 1 APRIL
  • 13 MAY – 13 MAY
  • 10 JUNE – 10 JUNE
Practicing Surgeons 2,000
Teaching Staff / Residents 2,000
International Participants (Except SAARC) USD75
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