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CourseFrom DateTo DatePracticing Surgons FeeTeaching Staff/ Residents FeeAvailable SeatsBook Now
21Essential Surgical Skills Course03-03-201803-03-2018Rs 2000Rs 20006Book Now
22Operative Techniques in Gynaecological Endoscopy Course05-03-201807-03-2018Rs 25500Rs 1950014Book Now
23Master Course in Hernia - Everything about Hernia06-03-201808-03-2018Rs 31000Rs 2300014Book Now
24Hysteroscopy Course12-03-201813-03-2018Rs 20500Rs 155008Book Now
25VAAFT and EPSiT Course12-03-201812-03-2018Rs 10500Rs 105008Book Now
26Comprehensive Laparoscopic Surgery Course focused on Cholecystectomy and Appendicectomy14-03-201817-03-2018Rs 31000Rs 2350014Book Now
27Sialendoscopy Course15-03-201815-03-2018Rs 15000Rs 120007Book Now
28Diagnostic and Interventional Bronchoscopy Course16-03-201817-03-2018Rs 15500Rs 125008Book Now
29Intensive Minimal Access Paediatric Surgery Training Course19-03-201821-03-2018Rs 20500Rs 155008Book Now
30Advanced Minimal Access Laparoscopic Paediatric Surgery Training Course22-03-201824-03-2018Rs 20500Rs 155008Book Now
31 Diagnostic and Interventional Knee Arthroscopy Course23-03-201824-03-2018Rs 31000Rs 255008Book Now
32Advanced Course in Laparoscopic Gynaecology focused on Hysterectomy and Myomectomy26-03-201828-03-2018Rs 25500Rs 195008Book Now
33Essential Surgical Skills Course31-03-201831-03-2018Rs 2000Rs 20008Book Now
34Master Course in Minimal Invasive Proctology focused on Benign Anorectal Pathologies09-04-201811-04-2018Rs 29500Rs 2200014Book Now
35Hysteroscopy Course16-04-201817-04-2018Rs 20500Rs 155008Book Now
36Comprehensive Laparoscopic Surgery Course focused on Cholecystectomy and Appendicectomy18-04-201821-04-2018Rs 31000Rs 2350014Book Now
37Diagnostic and Interventional Bronchoscopy Course20-04-201821-04-2018Rs 15500Rs 125008Book Now
38Operative Techniques in Gynaecological Endoscopy Course23-04-201825-04-2018Rs 25500Rs 1950014Book Now
39Master Course in Neuroendoscopy including Skullbase Surgery27-04-201828-04-2018Rs 21500Rs 1550012Book Now
40Hysteroscopy Course04-05-201805-05-2018Rs 20500Rs 155008Book Now

* Fees displayed applies only for India and other SAARC Countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka)

** International delegates please write to us for registrations on contact@cemast.org or call on +919167190180/ +917506683771/ +917506683774