Advanced Laparoscopic Urology Course Partial Nephrectomy

Small renal tumors increasingly being diagnosed with the easy availability of high quality imaging. All available recent data shows that removal of the entire kidney for tumors leads to a high incidence of renal failure in the long term. In this scenario, partial Nephrectomy is fast becoming a common operation.

This course aims to teach the salient features of this challenging operation by experienced faculty. It will include hands-on training in suturing techniques.

The course will offer adequate time for interaction with the faculty in an intimate group of Urologists focused on this challenging surgery. Live surgery with direct interaction with the operating surgeon will be part of this course and will enable the participants to gain confidence to start doing this procedure themselves.

Objectives of the course

  • To learn the imaging relevant to doing a Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy
  • To learn instrumentation required for this surgery
  • To learn the differences between robot assisted and pure Laparoscopic approaches with pros and cons
  • To learn the suturing techniques required for this operation

Who should attend the course?

  • Urologists in practice already doing Laparoscopy
  • Uro-Oncologists
  • Experienced urologists interested in Oncology who have not had the benefit of training in Laparoscopy during their residency programs
  • Urology Residents
  • OR technicians who want to learn instrumentation for Partial Nephrectomy

Course highlights

  • Operating room training
  • Emphasis on instrumentation and procedure training
  • Supervised training in simulation/ wet laboratories
  • Lectures from expert faculty
  • Plenty of opportunity for informal interaction with the faculty

Course Dates for 2018 - 2019

    Practicing Surgeons 25,500
    Teaching Staff / Residents 19,500
    International Participants (Except SAARC) USD850


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