• Bronchoscopy Course

    From: 23 February 2018

    To: 24 February 2018

  • Hysteroscopy Course

    From: 26 February 2018

    To: 27 February 2018

  • Laparoscopic Knotting and Suturing Course in Gynaecology

    From: 28 February 2018

    To: 28 February 2018

  • ESS

    From: 03 March 2018

    To: 03 March 2018






Thank you for including me as part of the CEMAST family. It was really wonderful to have spent my time at CEMAST. I am extremely happy and satisfied with both the courses I attended the Lower GI Flexible Endoscopy Course and the Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery Course. I am sure, with the eminent faculty we have at CEMAST, very soon it will be the leading destination for training of surgeons, not just in India but also in neighbouring countries. Sometime back I had done a course at a very renowned hospital in India. The essential difference I found at CEMAST was the personal involvement of all the speakers, despite their busy schedules and them taking time out to teach and make all of us better surgeons. I am extremely thankful to the entire CEMAST team for making it an excellent learning opportunity. I am sure under the expert guidance of Dr Gadgil and under your care CEMAST will see new heights.
Dr. Ankur Sharma
I completed the Lower GI Scopy module of CEMAST in March 2016. I had the colonoscope for last 3-4 years but did not give it a try due to lack of training. I heard of CEMAST during the Mumbai Endoscopy live in February and I literally grabbed the opportunity. The detailed course gave me the needed Insight and practical tips for the procedure. I have been doing the procedure with confidence and with less pain to the patient and have been reaching my target area majority of the times. I am very much thankful to all the Faculty & CEMAST for the improvement theyhave brought in me and would be sharpening my skill set with many more modules that they offer.
Dr. Ajit Limaye
I really admire the quality, expertise & ambience at CEMAST& above all the vision to train surgeons in India & abroad with the latest minimally invasive procedures in Surgery.
Dr. Shashikant Jadhav
I have to admit that the experience I had at CEMAST was once in a lifetime and a life changing experience. The infrastructure, our faculty, and the entire team were so involved and passionate. And I was informed that I am now an Alumnus of your great institute which came as a surprise and honour. I will surely be coming to learn and practice whenever I can. Again, I wish to thank you and your team and express gratitude for the selfless service and efforts that you will are putting in enhancing Minimal Access Surgery as a Speciality.
Dr. Dhaval Belvi

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